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Travel XP is an app that helps traveling business oriented individuals find temporary housing and entertainment while on business trips. 


UI/UX Designer


There are a lot of people that travel for reasons other than vacation and leisure. Although there are a lot of apps that users have at their disposal to find entertainment and housing options, there aren't a lot out there that help find things centered around business and networking.




Only provides housing options without other areas of interest. Users would like to see what options they have to explore around the location they’re staying. Travel XP allows you to view local 
attractions around the area that interest you.


Only able to view hotel options for housing. While hotels are nice, people may like to feel more at home and have the option to cook for themselves. They may also look for more flexible check in and out times. Travel XP is provides these options for their users.


Able to view events going on in the area, but unable to view surrounding locations. Users may want the option to explore locations on their own. This allows them to come and go as they please while events are time 

User Personas

Persona 2.png

Goal: To find a room near natural


Goal: To find an art gallery and network 

Persona 1.png

Goal: To find a room near natural


Persona 3.png

User Needs

When someone plans a trip, there are basic needs that must be met for people to have a successful experience. Travel XP meets ands surpasses those needs for their users.

Search and reserve housing options

Check reviews for housing

View images of housing

Speak with housing host

Browse surrounding attractions


Travel XP provide travelers with housing and entertainment options around their area of business. They’re able to check reviews and speak directly with the host. 


User Flow Diagram

Users were given a prototype and tasks to complete. This diagram was created with all possible routes that users needed to finish their tasks throughout the app. This helped make sure that Travel XP meets and exceeds its users needs.

User Stories

Check the housing reviews

Create a profile and 
view liked locations

Search housing 
locations and pay for the rental

travel diagram.png

Low Fidelity

Screens were thought out and drafted to start the ground work for Travel XP based on the User Flow Diagram. The main goal was to give users the ability to sign up, create a profile and search for housing and attraction locations.

1 story 2 v 2.png
2 story 2 v 2.png
3 story 2 v 1.png
4 story profile.png
5 story 2 v 1.png
6 story 2 v 1.png
7 story 2 v 1.png
8 story 1 v 2.png
9 story 2 v 2.png
10 story 1 v 2.png

Style Guide

Travel XP helps its users stay business oriented by providing sharp technical designs. 



Bold / Regular

35 bold

30 bold

22 bold

20 bold

20 regular

18 bold

18 regular

16 bold

16 regular

14 regular

12 bold

12 regular

11 regular

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz











More screens were added to give more power to the user and help them successfully complete their goals on the app. Users are now able to:

Medium Fidelity

User able to browse and like local attractions

View images of the location

View saved likes under

their profile to quickly

revisit locations

1. Login_2x_2x.png
2. Login Options_2x_2x.png
3. Sign up_2x_2x.png
4. Profile Pics_2x_2x.png
5. Where_2x_2x.png
6. Home_2x_2x.png
7. Location Options_2x_2x.png
8. Attraction Pics_2x_2x.png
9. Profile_2x_2x.png
10. Likes_2x_2x.png
11. Housing Options_2x_2x.png
12. Housing Reviews_2x_2x.png
13. Housing Pics_2x_2x.png
14. Housing Info_2x_2x.png
15. Reserve Housing_2x_2x.png
16 Inbox_2x_2x.png

User Feedback

Several people tested the app and shared some of their opinions to help take Travel XP reach to the next level and give the user a better  overall experience.

User 1

You could make the exit icon a little brighter to stand out on the 
app. You should also make it smaller to fit in with the rest of the icons.

User 2

You should position the icons to be placed  on the left to coincide with most apps.

User 3

Consider creating more space on the reserve wireframe to give things more breathing room.

4. Profile Pics – 2 wrong_2x.png
9. Profile_2x.png
15. Reserve Housing_2x.png

User able to browse housing options

High Fidelity

View images of the room

Read reviews of previous people that stayed in the room

Able to place dates and number guests staying 

Finally able to make the reservations for the room


Final Study

Images and colors were finally added to bring Travel XP to life.   

6. Flat-version-11_2x.png
10. Flat-version_2x.png
2. Flat-version-15_2x.png
7. Flat-version-10_2x.png
11. Flat-version-6_2x.png
3. Flat-version-16_2x.png
8. Flat-version-9_2x.png
12. Flat-version-5_2x.png
4. Flat-version-13_2x.png
13. Flat-version-4_2x.png
16. Flat-version-1_2x.png
15. Flat-version-2_2x.png
14. Flat-version-3_2x.png


Travel XP could use filters in the housing option to choose to stay with people in similar fields to help network. There's also room for the app to have the option to view organized events catered to their field.  

5.7 Case Studies wrong.xd.png
Group 38_2x.png
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