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Games N Things is an app that 
primarily sells tabletop games for 
those looking to enjoy good old 
fashion fun with others. We have 
games for all ages, but primarily cater 
to adults between the ages of 25 and 
55. We offer reviews on games that 
interest you and like minded individuals.  Games N Things makes sure you find the game that brings the life to the party! 


UI/UX Designer

mockup-iphone-thin 1_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 8_2x.png


Games are loved by all but board games have taken a back seat to digital games. There aren't many apps dedicated to prioritizing board games. Most places that do sell board games have a limited selection which leaves hardcore boardgame enthusiasts at a loss.



Amazon is one of the biggest 
retailers in the world and offers a lot 
of variety. This means that it doesn’t 
just cater to games and leaves a lot 
of board game enthusiasts to look 


Offers a variety of videogames, but 
doesn’t have a large boardgames selection for people seeking to have tabletop experiences.


Offers board games but doesn’t offer 
many older games for people looking for niche games. It mostly offers board games that are popular at the time.


User Needs

People that are looking to purchase boardgames at Games N Things online expect the following options to be available to them.

Able to browse games and 
make a purchase

Track their shipment after making a purchase

Read boardgames reviews from others on the particular game of interest



Games N Things seeks to help 
people looking to purchase niche 
boardgames by providing a space 
for them to browse games, check 
reviews and track their delivery 


User Flow Diagram

Testers were asked to complete three separate tasks. This diagram reflects the options those users had to complete the objections given.

User Stories

Create a profile

Browse games

Purchase a 

Check on purchased 
games delivery status

Check the review for 
a boardgame



Sign In / Skip




Product Deals

Product Screen

Order Status

Product Info

Product Review

Create Account




Low Fidelity

Sketches were created to help visualize the User Flow Diagram and draft different UI patterns.

1. Sign IN_2x.png
2. Sign In_2x.png
3. Creat Account_2x.png
4. profile_2x.png
5. home_2x.png
6. choices_2x.png
7. boardgames_2x.png
8. info_2x.png
9. paying_2x.png
10. final_2x.png

App Designs

Games N Things focuses on simplicity and fun so that users can get in the gaming spirit! The icons and font choices made are playful and easy to read.


Tw Cen MT

Bold / Bold Italic / Regular

Aa Bb Cc Dd Ee Ff Gg Hh Ii Jj Kk Ll Mm Nn Oo Pp Qq Rr Ss Tt Uu Vv Ww Xx Yy Zz


Small new logo_2x.png
Group 20_2x.png
Group 19_2x.png
Group 21_2x.png
Group 22_2x.png
Group 23_2x.png
Group 29_2x.png
Search Icon_2x.png







Medium Fidelity

Ideas were improved upon while others were changed after realizing they wouldn't work. More wireframes were added to fully flesh out Games N Things. 

Able to browse board games

View the description of the game

Check the reviews for 
the game

9.  Mid Game Info_2x.jpg
8.  Mid Boardgame_2x.jpg
10.  Mid Review_2x.jpg

Make a purchase

12.  Mid Cart_2x.jpg
1.  Mid Home Page_2x.jpg
2.  Mid Sign In_2x.jpg
3.  Mid Create Acoount_2x.jpg
4.  Mid Profile_2x.jpg
5.  Mid Order Status_2x.jpg
6.  Mid Home_2x.jpg
7.  Mid Help_2x.jpg
8.  Mid Boardgame_2x.jpg
9.  Mid Game Info_2x.jpg
10.  Mid Review_2x.jpg
11.  Mid Deals_2x.jpg
12.  Mid Cart_2x.jpg
13.  Mid Confirmation_2x.jpg
14.  Mid Search_2x.jpg

High Fidelity

Can select their profile to change any information

Able to track their purchased package 

Can visit the home page to 
select the help option

Can cancel their order

mockup-iphone-thin 4_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 5_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 6_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 7_2x.png

User Feedback

User 1

I think the Visa needs to have a logo added next to it.

User 2

I think the "add to cart" option and heart should be separated to make a distinct difference between the two.  

User 3

The “Thankyou for Your Purchase” screen should say continue shopping instead of confirm so the user’s encouraged to browse more options. 

12.  Mid Cart_2x.jpg
mockup-iphone-thin 12_2x.png
8.  Mid Boardgame_2x.jpg
mockup-iphone-thin 8_2x.png
13.  Mid Confirmation_2x.jpg
mockup-iphone-thin 13_2x.png

Final Study

mockup-iphone-thin 1_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 5_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 9_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 2_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 6_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 10_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 13_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 3_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 7_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 11_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 14_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 4_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 8_2x.png
mockup-iphone-thin 12_2x.png

Final Thoughts


Games N Things could further help gamers come together by having a community section to showcase board game events in the users area. It could also have a trading option to trade tabletop games for those wanting to share their experience with others. 

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